REVIEWS & READER COMMENTS If you would like to write a review of TRADEWINDS or make a comment, contact the author at: Douglas Pyle, author of "Clean Sweet Wind" wrote on January 12, 2015: Tradewinds, A Tale of the Caribbean, is an excellent book in so many ways that I may sound garbled, trying to say why! Maybe a list is my best approach.
1. Excellent plotting, a narrative that carried me on what we sailors like best -- and easy reach -- broad to the breeze, with sheets eased.
2. A panorama of islands, anchorages, and people, for whom the author and I clearly share deep and affectionate memories.
3. Informative exposure to a wholly new subject -- the World War II U-boat attack on the Caribbean.
4. Inspired rendering of the West Indian dialect, with its unique rhythms, accents, and word choices. It must have been slow going to write, because many of the words must be respelled to capture the phonetics, and many rules of grammar re-drafted.
5. (And not least, in my judgement) The book itself is beautifully done: Sharp, easily read typeface, informative maps and illustrations, rugged binding.
All in all, Tradewinds is a remarkable piece of work: A beautiful tribute to the people, their islands, and their way of life. All praise to C. E. Bowmen! A job well done.
Douglas Pyle, author of Clean Sweet Wind Islands and Intrigue, Ihrie!
By Cynthia Kaul wrote on February 19, 2015: The novel Tradewinds provides a riveting schooner ride through dramatic history in the Eastern Caribbean. Anyone who has experienced the unique cultures of this string of islands, from Anguilla to Trinidad-- will relate to this tale of heart and suspense, told in a lusty dialect with nautical finesse and accuracy. Bowman's heros fish and sail and build the fabled island trading schooners, and get involved in perilous pursuits to undermine the powerful German U Boat siege which annihilated several hundred Allied ships there in 1942-3.. Few know of this terrifying campaign, in which German subs picked off fuel tankers from Curacao and Venezuela, and all manner of unsuspecting trade bound for Panama and the US. The novel unites rumrunners, spies, Yanks and German sailors, sons of planters and whalers and slaves in a very credible tableau of wartime intrigue and camaraderie. I just hope the book will be produced in audio format, so I can hear those accents and sweet expressions and the steel bands once again! Ihrie mon...

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